The Founders

Meggie Williams

Co-Founder & CEO
Meet Meggie

Sebastian Williams

Co-Founder & COO
Meet Sebastian

Stinson & Khumbu

Branch Managers
Meet Stinson & Khumbu

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Our Story

The Back-Office Team

Michele Salpietra

Community Manager
Meet Michele

Niki Chimberg

Marketing Manager
Meet Niki

Luke Griffith

Lead Software Engineer
Meet Luke


Pup-lic Relations Manager
Meet Alfie

Nala (a.k.a. Nug)

Director of Human Treatsources
Meet Nug

Our Waggle Walkers

Amanda W.

Meet Amanda

Ary R.

Meet Ary

Catherine H.

Meet Catherine

Corrie R.

Meet Corrie

Ellen H.

Meet Ellen

Greg C.

Meet Greg

Haley B.

Meet Haley

Jack M.

Meet Jack

Jamie A.

Meet Jamie

Jeff C.

Meet Jeff

Jenna R.

Meet Jenna

Jordan L.

Meet Jordan

Jorrdan C.

Meet Jorrdan

Julie A.

Meet Julie

Kaitlin Y.

Meet Kaitlin

Kayla R.

Meet Kayla

Kiera B.

Meet Kiera

Lauren F.

Meet Lauren

Lauren L.

Meet Lauren

Lindsay C.

Meet Lindsay

Lindsay J.

Meet Lindsay

Lisa K.

Meet Lisa

Lizzy G.

Meet Lizzy

Lynda G.

Meet Lynda

Molly C.

Meet Molly

Morgan A.

Meet Morgan

Nia D.

Meet Nia

Nicole F.

Meet Nicole

Rikki B.

Meet Rikki

Samantha C.

Meet Samantha

Shauna C.

Meet Shauna

Shayna W.

Meet Shayna

Sierra G.

Meet Sierra

Sonia P.

Meet Sonia

Sosha L.

Meet Sosha

Stacy B.

Meet Stacy

Stephanie P.

Meet Stephanie

Taylor M.

Meet Taylor

Victoria A.

Meet Victoria

Wendy T.

Meet Wendy

Zuzana M.

Meet Zuzana