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We’re an on demand, tech-enabled dog walking service in the Charlotte area. We give a report of your pet’s visit, which includes photos of your pet, GPS tracking of the walk, and comments from the team member. While on the outside, we might look like we are just providing in-home pet care services, we are actually giving you more. We give you peace of mind that your pets a well taken care of by experienced, well trained pet professionals, and we help you ditch the guilt that comes along with leaving your pet at home all day!
There’s always moments when we’re not able to give our pets the attention they need. In those moments, The Waggle Company is there for your pet(s) when you can’t be. We promise to give them all of the love and attention you would, and you can relax knowing your pet is well taken care of.
We make it easy for you to sign up and get started with us! Just click here to get started.

Our first step is to set up an in-home consultation. This is where we gather detailed information about your home and your pet’s routine. We get you all set up in our system, and immediately after the consultation, you’re ready to start visits! If you’re ready to get started, head over to our “Get started” page to give us a little information and confirm a consultation time!

We want to make sure that everything is perfect for your pet’s first visit. Your pet is unique, so we want to ensure that his/her Waggle visits are equally as unique. We like to uphold your standard of pet-care, so we meet with you to make sure that we’ve got all the vital information we need for visits. We also answer any questions you might have, and let your pup get to know a Waggle team member before visits!
We love to talk to you more about your pet and how fun our visits will be! We briefly go over all things Waggle, then we take detailed notes about your pet and his/her routine. We get everything set up for the first Waggle visit, and make sure every detail is in place! We finish by securing home access and home security. You’ll be ready to schedule your first visit immediately after your consultation!

Trust & Safety

We take home security seriously, because we know your pet and your home are important to you! We are happy to turn off/on your alarm system during or after visits. We customize home entry so that it aligns with your home security standards.Whether that’s a Waggle branded lockbox, your own lockbox, a keyless entry code, or apartment access through a leasing office, we are happy to customize our standards to fit your routine.
At the consultation, we gather your pet’s veterinarian information. Our team members are all trained on pet first aid, and know how to recognize a true emergency situation. In case of an emergency, we will transport your dog to their veterinarian and call you on the way!
We have an extensive interview process that all of our team members must go through before they are chosen as part of the elite Waggle Team. Our team members are true employees – not contractors. Team members have had previous pet experience in multiple settings, have been background checked, and are bonded and insured. Team members are trained through an extensive training process, that includes training on animal handling, home entry techniques, and pet first aid. We know that your pet is important to you, so our team consists of only the best professionals, who will treat your dog with the utmost care.
The Waggle Company works in teams based on geographic zones. We want to make sure that regardless of how your schedule changes, your pet is still well cared for! While your dog might not see the same person every time, we train each team member to an exact standard of pet care so that each visit with your dog is exactly the same. You always receive the name of your team member before your visit, and you can check out a little bit about them here.
Yes! You can be sure that if something were to happen with your pet or your home during our visits, you would be covered!


You can easily book visits in advance, or same-day, by using our online scheduler. To get started, click here.
You can request an appointment up to an hour before you need us to arrive. You can also cancel same-day, for no charge, if you let us know by 8am the day of the scheduled appointment.
There is no charge for additional pets. Appointments are based on time, and we’ll be happy to take care of your whole fur family during your visit.

As a personalized, white glove service, we do not do ‘pack walks’ with dogs from different households. We will happily walk multiple dogs together who are from the same household, at the request of the client. For the safety of our dogs and our team members, we walk up to one large-sized dog at a time, up to two medium-sized dogs at a time, and up to three small-sized dogs at a time.


Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 10:00am – 6:00pm. Our first available visit is at 10:00am, and our last available visit is at 5:00pm, for a 5:00pm-6:00pm visit time.
We currently service Charlotte and the surrounding areas within the following zip codes: 28105, 28134, 28202, 28203, 28204, 28205, 28206, 28207, 28208, 28209, 28210, 28211, 28212, 28226, 28270, 28277.

We’re expanding quickly, so if we’re not currently serving your area, we will be soon! We’ll keep you on our waitlist and will reach out to you as soon as we’re in your neighborhood. To be added to our waitlist, click here and submit your information.

All of our visits are based on time. We never charge you extra for additional dogs or additional services, such as providing a meal, bringing in mail, or giving medication. Because of this, we are able to completely customize your visit for you pet’s unique needs. Check out our pricing here.
Nope! We are happy to treat you and your pet with the highest level of care, regardless of how many visits you schedule in a month.
We are happy to have a short arrival window for appointments – we’ll be there 30 minutes before, up to 1 hour after your scheduled time. For example, if you scheduled a 12:00pm visit, our team member would arrive between 11:30am and 1:00pm to start the visit with you pet.


Since the cost of our visits is only based on time, we can customize your visit to match your pet’s specific pet care needs. If that means you’d like us to take your dog for a long walk around the neighborhood, play inside, or take your dog in your fenced-in backyard for off-leash play, we are happy to accommodate! We also offer free add-on services, such as providing a meal, giving medication, bringing in mail or packages, turning on/off outdoor lights, scooping the litterbox, or watering plants.
Absolutely – we are happy to take care off all domestic animals, including dogs and cats. Our team members are specifically trained in cat care and we are happy to service your entire furry family!
At this time, we don’t offer overnight or weekend visits.

Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 10:00am -6:00pm. The first available time to schedule a visit is at 10:00am and the last available time to schedule a visit is at 5:00pm.

Yes! We can administer oral or injectible medications that are part of your pet’s regular routine.
The awesome part about our service is that we are able to completely customize your visit to match your dog’s specific needs. Our team members are pet care professionals and we are happy to carry out a specialized care routine that your dog might need. Feel free to give us a call at (704) 343-6658 so that we can discuss your pet’s unique needs in more detail and make sure that we are a great fit for your pup.
If you have a fenced in backyard or apartment dog park, and would like us to take your dog for off-leash activities in those areas, we would love to! (the wording on this sounds weird). For our exclusive apartment partners, we offer a 2-hour off-leash, group play session, where 10 or fewer dogs play in the apartment’s dog park. Click here to find out if your apartment is one of our participants!
If your apartment has a fenced-in dog park and you would like us to take your pet there, we are happy to include that in your personalized visit! As a general practice for the safety of your pet, we avoid interaction with other dogs and people while your dog is in our care, so we will only visit your apartment’s dog park if it is empty.
We want to give your dog the special attention that they deserve! All of our visits are individual, so we will never walk your dog(s) with other people’s dogs.

As a general practice for the safety of your pet, we avoid interaction with other dogs and people while your dog is in our care.

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