Puppy Fame: 10 Famous Charlotte Dogs

Instagram-famous dog smiling at camera

We get it: you could sit and stare at photos of your dog for hours. Whether or not your pup has their own social media profile where you’re posting pictures of their perfect little face for all to see, we know they’re still the most famous pooch in Charlotte to you! That said, there are definitely a few dogs in … Read More

7 Ways to Beat Doggie Boredom

fluffy dog looking bored

Think about your daily routine. You wake up, get dressed, and leave the house for work, errands, social outings, or whatever else. Then you come home to your dog, who is so excited to see you… and who might have chewed on some things they shouldn’t have while you were gone. Your pup is home alone without you when you … Read More

September Dog-Friendly Events in Charlotte

happy dog in the grass in September

September 16th, 11AM – 4PM Woofstock 2017 NoDa Brewing, 11am-4pm, $5 admission Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love and Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue are teaming up throw an end-of-summer PAWTY with cool vendors, several rescue, and AWESOME silent auction, food and drink and great music, and lots of adoptable dogs! September 16th, 3PM – 6PM Drunken Pumpkin Fall Beer Bash … Read More

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate on National Dog Day

French bulldog wearing polkadot party hat

It feels like every other day is National something Day. National Ice Cream Day. National Siblings Day. National Talk Like A Pirate Day. But there’s a holiday coming up that we’re actually incredibly excited for! August 26 is National Dog Day, and we’ve got 5 exciting ways for you to celebrate your pooch this weekend. 1. Get Custom-Made Dog Cakes or … Read More

Charlotte Pet Adoption Centers

dirty dog looking sad in shelter behind bars

Every time that we at The Waggle Company hear the opening bars of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”, we immediately reach for tissues. It’s a hauntingly beautiful pop ballad. However, it’s not the lyrics or music that makes us curl into the fetal position. What makes the tears flow is that that song will forever be associated with a commercial for the … Read More

Frozen Treats To Help Your Dog Beat The Heat

big black dog panting in a field of flowers

Ahh, summer in the South, a time when our desire to be outside enjoying events that end with fireworks is only outweighed by our desire to not melt into a puddle on the sizzling hot sidewalk. However, don’t worry fellow southerners, it should start to cool down around Thanksgiving. In the summer, we humans tend to strip down to as … Read More

The Evolution of Dogs

wolf looking at camera

Dogs are such a integral part of lives that it is hard to imagine a time when weren’t starting Instagram accounts for them or feeding them organic homemade dog treats or sending them to doggie day care. And, although our four-legged best friends may not have always been given the same kind of royal treatment that many of them receive … Read More

Benefits of Using In-Home Pet Care

small fluffy dog on a leash

Dogs are more than our pets. They are our friends and our family members and because of this, we want them to live their best lives. Dogs are social animals that crave routine. To keep them healthy and out of mischief, they need to be consistently mentally stimulated. According to WebMD, dogs, much like their human counterparts, receive many benefits … Read More