My human is a little nuts this morning – she spilled coffee on her favorite shirt – and, now she is going to be late to that place she goes every day. I miss my human when she is gone.

Mom’s halfway out the door but runs back in, gives me a big kiss on the head and says, “Now, you be a good boy on your Waggle visit today!”

My WHAT? My Waggle Visit? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! This day just got so much better. My Waggle human is so cool. We play and go for walks. I love her and I know that she loves me – she tells me all the time. And, she calls me Super Cooper! That’s my favorite.

Now, what to do until she gets here? I guess I’ll just go around and around in a tight circle until I find the exact right spot to lie down. Yeah, there it is, there’s the spot. Wow, I’ve been up for 75 minutes. I better get a good nap in.

Wait, what’s that I hear? Is it…could it be…?

“Hey Cooper! Where’s my Super Cooper?”

I run to her screaming, here I am, here I am! I show off my sweet hops and lick her right on the face just like she likes.

She gives me the best pets and even hits that sweet spot right behind my ear!

I’m a little embarrassed to say this, but I got so excited that I peed just a little, but my Waggler said, “No worries, Coop. Happens to the best of us,” and then she went and got some paper towels and cleaned it right up.

“Are you ready, Cooper? Let’s go for a walk!”

Am I ready? I was born ready!

And, we’re off!

The sunshine! I love the sunshine! The sunshine is the best.


“Hey there, Super Cooper! You leave that squirrel alone. He’s our friend, not a squeaky toy!”

Yay! A stick. Sticks are the coolest. Especially the big ones.

Waggle human is laughing, “Cooper that stick is bigger than you!” “Ok, let’s get a picture of you, you silly pup! Your mom is going to love this one!”

Gosh, I hate getting my picture taken. My smile is always weird, but she’s right, my mom does love the pictures that my Waggle human sends her. And, when she bends down to show me the picture, I have to admit that it is pretty stinkin’ cute. This one will for sure make it to Instagram! #bestdog

It’s time for us to head back home. I’m sad for my walk to end, but I am pooped. I am going to nap so hard.

As soon as we get through the door, I beeline to my water bowl and drink until I think I’m going to throw up. My Waggle human gets my bowl and puts fresh water in it so that I’ll have some this afternoon. She gives me a treat and sits down beside me and gives me so many great pets.

I’m so sleepy. So warm and fuzzy.

“Bye, my sweet boy! You’re mom is going to be so impressed with how far you walked today when she sees our route. See you soon!”

Bye, Waggle human. I woof you.